Appreciating my Toddler

It can be really exhausting when, after a long day at work, you come home to your demanding toddler. He wants you to fetch him a snack, then a drink….to put on the TV, now to look at his toe….to come sit with him, but now he is bored and wants to go play…and he wants you to come play too. All you want to do is sit for a few minutes and relax but the minute you decline his request he has a melt down with tears, falling to the floor and possibly even a scream for good measure. It can be difficult, in these moments, to take stock and appreciate the little being that is wreaking havoc in your home.

However, let’s take a moment to stop and admire a toddler.

Appreciating my toddler1

  • He has the ability to live in the present like no other. He is not thinking about the past, or the future. He lives only in the now – fully immersed in the moment.
  • She has yet to learn caution and fear. Her curiosity about everything propels her out into the world at full throttle.
  • He is brutally honest – with you, with himself and everyone else around him. He says it as it is, the way he feels it and thinks it.
  • She feels emotions intensely and has no hesitation in letting everyone around her know about it. One moment she can be devastated or furious about things we think are inconsequential. But just as quickly she is able to dust herself off and move on. Excitement and joy are almost tangible emotions that tend to be contagious, infecting everyone around her.
  • He is supremely confident in his ability to do things by himself and make split-second decisions, yet reserves the right to change that decision multiple times without questioning his self worth.
  • She has an amazing imagination and can turn even the most mundane things into something special.
  • He loves you unconditionally, forgives you endlessly, and wants to be with you 100 percent of the time.

For all of their demands and tantrums, toddlers bring joy into our lives with their flair for humour, their confidence, and their innocent curiosity about the world.  Next time you feel a little overwhelmed by your toddler’s intensity try to stop for a minute and recall all that makes toddlers so unique and special.