Build Lego Outside..with boxes and stuff

Can’t get the kids outside? Build Giant lego with boxes

Build your own giant Lego structures outside- Developing your kids’ spatial awareness, motor skills and creativity.


Take whatever boxes you have in the house, or gather up some over a day from friends that have moved, or from shops that don’t need them or by finally unpacking those last 6 boxes you never did. Gather toilet rolls, milk bottles,  felt pens, sticky tape and whatever else you can think of that might work. Take them and some comfy blankets outside with your kids.

Changes Psychology outside boxes

Building with blocks (Lego or otherwise) encourages spatial awareness, improves cognitive function and  improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Building on a bigger scale, building with boxes, does all this as well as being SO MUCH MORE FUN. Encouraging creativity with less boundaries.

You can guide this play into so many different areas, and smaller children will need this as they may be overwhelmed by what they are in fact doing outside with these things. Most kids who’ve been to day-care though will understand the unsaid brief and the fun that can be had.

Changes Psychology Minecraft boxesEncourage and assist with a house build for their favourite stuffed toys; create a shop where they will sell invisible
goods to you; build a robot or a statue of you. Parents should definitely have more statues of themselves built.

Make a dog kennel, a cubby; a castle; a forest; cars and petrol stations; trains and bridges; Optimus Prime or Steve from Minecraft…whatever your kids might be inspired to make with some guidance and help from you.


After they’ve been built, decorating can occur, or balls can be thrown to knock things down or giants can smash them, or they can be lovingly kept for the warmer part of the next day.

It doesn’t take expensive equipment or a paid educator to create fun for you and your kids that helps them develop skills and learn whilst they play.