Exercise vs Anxiety

Exercise and looking after ourselves and our kids health has always been important, for…well…our health. It’s not a medical mystery that the healthier a person is, in general they are less likely to suffer from avoidable medical problems down the track.

Similarly our generation of adults have been taught to keep using our mind or we might lose control of it later on through Dementia.changes girl in park child psychology Brisbane

The impact of exercise and physical Health on Mental Health have come into very sharp focus only over the last few years- especially for children.

Whilst we are more than aware that there is much more to Mental Health issues than your BMI, the research has all but proven that improving your physical health will help your Mental Health. In children, getting them moving seems an essential part of  easing existing conditions like anxiety and reducing the potential for future problems.


Exercise changes our bodies chemical make-up, it boosts your energy and your brain function; it can change your routine when your routine is hurting you; it can get you interacting with friends, strangers, or just with parts of the outside world you’d forgotten.

Exercise for kids and adults can improve self-esteem, act as a relaxation technique and also be a type of play- yes exercise is allowed to be fun. Fun is good.

Also remember that if you are a parent, part of your job is to model positive behaviours for your kids. If you’re exercising and feeling better, they’ll see it as a positive and want to follow suit.