From Childless to Parents

From childless to parents2In many ways it may feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you. Your life changes in so many ways when you become a parent. Your simple daily routines now become a juggling act and your relationship now includes a new dynamic that needs to be carefully navigated. The first six to eight weeks are always the most challenging and can often put enormous strain on your relationship with your partner if you are not prepared for it. Try not to expect too much from yourselves during this period. The most important focus now is building a bond with your new baby and taking care of yourself.  Afterall, simply making a meal can be a real challenge in the early days.

Becoming a parent means you will face a range of new emotions. Some days you may be overcome with love and adoration for your newborn. Other days you may feel extremely low and unsure of yourself. There are so many joys amongst the challenges that the hard work seems worth it. However, it can help to be prepared for some of the more common challenges:

  • It is common for couples to have less communication between them. Don’t let this scare you into thinking your relationship is problematic as it is a normal occurrence after baby is born.
  • Your energy is likely to dwindle and, so too, your sexual drive. Becoming a parent means a change in your sex life. Dont worry, you can work at it later when the dust settles.
  • Conflict in your relationship may increase as you navigate your way through parenting. You have included a new dynamic in your relationship and you need to work it out together. Remember this is a big adjustment for everyone.
  • Expect many relationship changes. Not only in your own relationship with your partner, but also with friends and family. You will gain new friends but you may also lose some old ones.

Being aware of the challenges and being prepared to work through them together will make the transition into parenthood easier.


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