Separated parents: Keeping the lines of communication open with your ex is worth it !

Keeping the lines of communication open, and positive, with your Child’s other parent after separation can be really difficult but is possibly the most worthwhile thing you can do for your child’s sake. It’s worth it.

There are obviously occasions when it’s not safe or reasonable to do so, but, other than that, keep the door open as much as you can, even if it’s only ajar with enough room for hello to pass through.


What you and your kids get out of maintaining civil communications with your ex:

  • Children of separated parents who model clear and positive communication and manage to do it positively are also more likely to have fewer negative effects after separation and in their relationships in the future
  • If you are sharing care of your kids with the other parent you need to be able to contact your kids, see how they are, find out how their time away is and was, and share in the day to day things you’ll miss Changes Psychology Co parent communication
  • You will both be their parent for a long time, and some joint decisions will have to made on things, from day cares to school and after school activities, to appropriate friends. Your kids deserve both of your inputs and caring for the big decisions in their life
  • Keeping your kids safe is important to both of you. Clear, positive communication is the best way to make that happen
  • Possibly way back in the past you may have though your ex was kind of a decent friend and if that’s the case, it’s possible you might be able to get that friendship back at some stage, now or much later. Communicating in any positive way for now might enable that later, and that is possibly the best outcome for separated parents a child could expect


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