Payments and Rebates

Sessions with Psychologists are:

  • conducted at your home, school or child care (limited availability at our Northgate Clinic)
  • take between 50 and 60 mins
  • $180 for a Psychologist (out-of-pocket cost $73.45 with Medicare) for out of clinic sessions and $160 for in clinic sessions (out-of-pocket cost $75.20 with Medicare)
  • $220 for a Clinical Psychologists if available (out-of-pocket cost $74.35 with Medicare)
  • Bulk billing available at each psychologist’s discretion, and only with 2 or more Mental Health Plans (we are not able to bulk bill single family members for home visits)

If you wish the session to continue past 60 minutes, and the psychologist has time, please inform the psychologist that you would like to pay for more time

Extra time during sessions  = $90 for extra 30 minutes, $180 for extra 60 minutes  

Phone calls to stakeholders = $90 for extra 30 minutes, $180 for extra 60 minutes  

This includes calls to other parents, teachers, or health professionals

You cannot claim any rebate from either Medicare or Private Health Insurance for time in a session over 60 minutes.

Payment for sessions

We use the National Australia Banks’s online payment system NAB Transact and require payments prior to the first session. Or cash at the session.


Medicare Rebates

Clients with a Mental Health Treatment Plan from their GP will receive a $106.55 Medicare rebate per session for a maximum of 10 sessions per year.

If you wish to claim this rebate, we must receive a Mental Health Treatment Plan and a referral addressed to Changes, with session number required, for the client receiving treatment  via fax or email  BEFORE  the  first session  (request this with your GP)

Medicare rebates will be processed AFTER your session and is usually deposited in your bank nominated account by Medicare 1-3 business days after your session. If you require the Medicare Rebate sooner than this, we are able to email you an invoice you can print and take into a Medicare office to have processed.

If you have seen a Psychologist this year and received Medicare rebates, it is very important that you find out how many and let us know as this will impact how many rebated sessions you can have with us in one year. Contact Medicare and let us know.


Private Health Insurance Rebates

If you would like to claim through Private Health Insurance rather than Medicare, contact your Health Insurance Provider and ask them:

  • If your cover allows rebates for psychologist sessions
  • What information & item numbers they require on the session invoice


To book, cancel or reschedule sessions, please call, fax or email our Admin staff.  You will receive an automatic text reminder 72 hour before your appointment and you are required to text back Y to confirm. Please text, email or call your psychologist to reschedule.  If you do not reply, your appointment may be cancelled.