Resilience, Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Being mindful isn’t going to change the fact my family is PURE CHAOS

One of the main points of Mindfulness exercises or Psychology Therapies is that one of the few things we have control of is ourselves. Basic. But the reason many people start looking for help is that they feel like things are Beyond their Control.

And yes, a horrible toddler tantrum at 5pm, or a teenager traumatised by the break up of One Direction* is not something you can easily put an immediate stop to.

Mindfulness exercises are like a regular workout for your brain and emotions so that in situations like that, you can react in an appropriate way, and reduce their impact on you, which will often lead to you being able to help everyone else deal with things better.

Mindfulness will:

  • Help lose the noise in your head
  • Make you more aware of your body and what’s around you
  • Help with relaxation and de-stressing
  • Slow your body and brain down
  • Help with concentration

If you’ve done a fantastic Yoga class and come home to your kids arguing and not felt the way it normally makes you feel, you get some idea of what Mindfulness can do.

It’s more than just relaxation, it’s being able to focus LESS on incoming negative things and not let them affect the way you react.

And with kids anything that can help you not yell back, not get pushed into a no win argument, react violently, give up and let them be awful because it’s just too hard, is going to help you parent better and keep your family a good place to be.

  • One Direction did not break up as of May 2015 despite losing a group member.. Do not read this article to your 10 year old daughter without this information 🙂


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