Matthew Evans is your (“treating practitioner”) and Changes Psychology (the admin service “provider”) take your privacy seriously. This document describes how a clients information is managed by your treating practitioner and provider, who are bound by the legal requirements of the National Privacy Principles from the Privacy Amendment Act 2000.

  1. We work like a virtual clinic office, collecting and managing personal and medical information provided by you and your treating practitioner, which naturally includes sensitive health information.
  2. We collect, use and (where appropriate) share this information, which includes health information, in order to facilitate appointments with health professionals; manage payments, medicare and insurance claims; and manage records regarding your appointments.  Handling of personal information involves storage and processing of some data overseas via offshore data centres.
  3. Your treating health professional will store casenotes and information that is not accessible by the provider’s admin team. Your information will be kept in a file that will be seen only by the treating health professional and will be retained as a record of what happens during sessions to provider your treating practitioner with a relevant and informed service to you. The provider is required by law, to securely store your files for 7 years (or if you are under 18 years old, your file must be kept until you turn 25).
  4. Confidentiality – All personal information gathered by your treating psychologist during the provision of services will remain confidential, except in the following circumstances:
    1. If your file is subpoenaed by a court; or
    2. Failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at risk; or
    3. Your prior approval has been obtained to:
    provide a written report to another professional or agency. eg. (GP/lawyer) or
    discuss the material with another person, eg. a parent, spouse or employer
    4. Required as a routine part of supervision to ensure ethical and quality service or as part of professional development/ training/ accreditation we may be required to write case reports or studies or discuss information. In these instances, all identifying details will be omitted from such reports to protect your confidentiality.
  5. Request for Access to Client Information – At any stage, clients may lodge a request with their clinician to see the information about them kept on file. These requests will be responded to within 7 business days and an appointment made for clarification purposes at the cost of a standard consultation.