What does Prep Readiness Mean ?

Being ready for school is about much more than knowing numbers to 10, writing your name and having the right ruler. “Prep readiness” means more about emotional and social maturity and the child’s readiness for the more structured routines of school.


This list of “prep readiness” questions is a good place to start

  • Can they make independent decisions and follow through?
  • Do they come up with their own creative ideas?
  • Can they follow a couple of instructions you might give at once? ( You might want to re-assess these when they are about 12 too  )
  • Do they move onto new activities without many problems?
  • Do they experience anxiety when separated from you or their main carers?
  • Do they want to spend time with other kids?Changes Psychology Kindy kids telling time
  • How do they go when playing with other children?
  • Do they know how to, and will, ask for help?
  • Can they focus on one task for a reasonable period?
  • How is their ability to control and talk about their emotions? *


There are also those things like:

  • Beginning to recognise letters and numbers 
  • Being able to talk to grown ups and show the appropriate respect
  • Showing signs of caring about their own belongings and becoming more independent


Your new school or daycare centre/Kindy may be able to offer more formal assessments for academic school readiness if you are really concerned. We can obviously give support to you and your child also, particularly in the social and emotional areas.


*Kathy Walker, Melbourne Education consultant. Is your child ready to start school http://www.kidspot.com.au/Back-to-School-For-parents-Is-your-child-ready-to-start-school+3926+153+article.htm

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