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Northgate Clinic or Home Visit sessions

Sorry we do NOT have capacity for more new clients in 2020 – please contact other services. Home visits Brisbane Northside (up to Bald Hills/Albany Creek) and Northgate clinic sessions onlyNo service Brisbane Southside, Western suburbs or Bayside. 

Tired of trying strategies that don’t work with your child or in your situation? Want to break the reactive cycle of yelling and punishments that seem to be making things worse? Our child psychologists help you and your child UNDERSTAND the underlying causes of anxiety or challenging behaviours and the skills to manage them

Doctor Google, parenting courses and books only GIVE YOU STRATEGIES, but our child psychologists coach you and your child to SELECT, ADAPT and APPLY STRATEGIES to work in your family situation with your child.

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Things our clients tell us before they get help

“I’ve Googled strategies, done a parenting course and tried everything, but nothing seems to work with this kid”

“We’ve talked about what he needs to do, and he understands, but just won’t do it when he needs to. It’s so frustrating and we are at out wit’s end. What we are doing works for the other kids, just not this one?”

“Things are getting out of control – whatever we try seems to make things worse. The ipad or Xbox are the only things that seem to calm them down. But then trying to get them off leads to more meltdowns and dramas”

“My partner and I are constantly disagreeing on how we should manage things. They think we just need to be firmer and more strict, but that’s not working. It’s causing conflict between us and really affecting our relationship”

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone – we help hundreds of working families around Brisbane every year to get through these common, but overwhelming challenges. So don’t feel you have to go it alone and work it out from Googling, sessions with a psychologist that deals with these sorts of things every day can help you make progress!

Counselling and skill building to help your family through these common challenges


  • Separations and Blended family challenges
  • Couples concerns
  • Dysfunctional relationships
  • Trauma, Grief and losses
  • Parenting skills coaching
  • Postnatal depression
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Sleep issues
  • And many other challenges

        Children (ages 0-12)

  • Toddler behaviours
  • New born challenges
  • Anxiety, fears and phobias
  • Behavioural concerns
  • Sleep problems
  • NO Autism/ASD
  • And many other challenges


  • Technology use and addictions
  • Attention challenges
  • Study and organisational skills
  • Anxiety and phobias 
  • Depression
  • Social challenges
  • NO Autism/ASD

        We DO NOT provide:

  • Letters, assessments or reports for custody/family law or legal purposes
  • ADOS testing and reports for an autism diagnosis
  • ADHD assessments and reports
  • Cognitive testing e.g. WISC, WPPSI, WIAT and WAIS

Our practice model is different from other clinics

Watch our explainer video to see how our adult and child psychologists can help you

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normal-behaviours1Benefits of Home Visits

Children can feel more comfortable

Relaxed and open to developing a helpful relationship with the psychologist

Help you apply strategies and skills

Google and parenting books can GIVE you strategies – we help you APPLY them in your family situation

No travel time or waiting rooms

We come to your home, school or preferred location, so travel doesn’t have to be a hassle or a barrier to getting help

We work with children and parents

Some psychologists only work with children, some with adults – we support individual challenges and family dynamics

Organise a call back

Adult and Child Psychologist


It’s important to match you and your child with the Child Psychologist that can offer appointment days and times that work around your family’s commitments in order to ensure sessions are sustainable. We like ensure that the Adult or Child Psychologist is a good match for you or your child based on their practice approach, skills and experience to best meet your needs and current challenges.

 Affordable Sessions

  • NDIS funded sessions


      per hr out of pocket session cost

      clinic and home visit sessions

      $200/hr session fees

      Self-managed and Plan-managed NDIS participants only

      NO NDIA managed participants as we are not fully NDIS registered

  • With Medicare Rebate


      out of pocket cost per session

      for home visits

      $200/hr fee minus $109.85 rebate

      GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) required for rebates

      Medicare has some requirements for Home Visits we will discuss

  • With Medicare Rebate


      out of pocket cost per session

      at our Northgate clinic rooms

      $180/hr fee minus $87.45 rebate

      GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) required for rebates

      NO Bulk billing or reduced fees available

  • With Private Health


      approx out of pocket session cost

      Confirm rebate amount with insurer

      Rebate usually between $60-110

      $200/hr fee home visit sessions or $180/hr for in-clinic sessions

      Skype, phone, home or clinic sessions possible

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    NOTE: – We have NO capacity to take on more new clients in 2020.  Please contact other practices for support. Submit your details below and a psychologist will call you to discuss your challenges ONLY if you are ok with the following availability: Home Visits to a Brisbane Northside Suburb (NO after school home visit times available, during school hours only) or sessions at our Northgate clinic (some after school and during school hours). NOTE: Please do not contact us to enquire about bulk billing or reduced fees, the fees are described in the pricing section above.
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    Phone: (07) 3062 4535
    Fax: (07) 3103 4077
    Clinic & Postal Address:
    105 Northgate Road, Northgate QLD 4013

    Adult and Child Psychologist Service Area – Brisbane Northside.

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