ADHD Kids and Routines

Any parent of a child with ADHD knows how important being organised and setting up consistent routines is to the smooth running of the household. 

However, it can be just as important to teach ADHD kids how to start creating their own routines and learn how to break a goal into a sequence of tasks. This is the dream of many parents, ADHD child or not, but before they can learn how to follow routines or organise themselves, they really need a clear understanding of things like Time, Calendars and Sequence

Many children, including those with ADHD, have difficulties understanding these very important foundations.

Changes Psychology Kindy kids telling timeThey often have a different understanding of terms such as before and after, yesterday, and tomorrow as well as understanding clocks and calendars in a different way than we imagine. ADHD kids and routines based on time or calendars really won’t mix well until you’re all on the same page.

If your child seems to be struggling with these things, following instructions or understanding a narrative, it can be helpful to take a few steps back and help them to understand these basics first before working on their self-organisation skills.

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